Everybody has a story. Here is ours. Once upon a time …

March 2015

We had a vision of helping the homeless in Regina by building small homes that could be built and occupied at a low cost. The vision was simple yet impactful. The organization began to take shape.

April 2015

As we learnt more about complex poverty problem it became apparent that simple housing was not enough to make a difference. Our focus shifted to a more complex business model that would offer services to those living in our communities.

Our Vision

MayBell Developments is dedicated to developing communities of belonging that empower the vulnerable to discover the wholeness of life that Christ has offered.

October 2015

MayBell Developments Inc. becomes a registered non-profit organization. Our name refers to the lily-of-the-valley, a hardy flower that is able to thrive where few others can. It is also a symbol of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

January 2016

The Encouragement Program is in its infancy stages. It is barely an idea. Over the coming months the program is rigorously investigated and the beginnings of our heart for relational restoration take root.

February 2017

Our first story is shared on social media. Stories are shared to give people without a voice a platform to share their stories.

Who we are

MayBell Developments is an organization that develops communities that capture the fullest meaning of the word community. We walk with our clients in meaningful relationships, growing together into who God created us to be. Together, we can end poverty in our community.

November 2017

We receive our Faith and Finances accreditation and look forward to a winter 2018 start date of the Encouragement Program.

July 2018

Our first Faith and Finance graduates celebrate an amazing 3 months together!

September 2019

We are now in the second year of Faith and Finances and are excited to have partnered with Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission to run Faith and Finance classes in one of their women's homes.

November 2019

After four and a half years of meetings and discussion, serious planning has begun on a pilot Tiny Home Community for Regina!