We are faithful followers of Jesus reaching out to love and empower the vulnerable in our community.

Victoria Aspinall


October 2015 – Present

Hi I'm Victoria...

I’m an entrepreneur with a passion for healthy, Christ-centered relationships and empowering others to build healthy homes for future generations.  I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina and have 13 years of experience in daycare centres as well as running a home daycare.  Scott, my husband, and I live in the Pilot Butte area with our three children. We co-own/operate MayBell Developments, CENA Construction, and Scott Aspinall Photography.

Scott Aspinall

Program Manager/Co-Founder

October 2015 – Present

Hi I'm Scott...

I’m a business owner who enjoys photography, construction, and finance. I graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Business Administration. CENA Construction and Scott Aspinall Photography are both owned and operated by me. When I’m not building or running MayBell’s Encouragement Program, I enjoy taking photos and teaching photography, such as the recent #maybellstories photo project.

Michelle Coghill

Executive Director

December 2022 – Present

Hi I'm Michelle...

I am a passionate Social Worker, blessed with a career in Social Services with Child and Family Programs for over 13 years. This grew my deep-rooted intent to serve those in vulnerable need. My love for family, creativity, and athletics generously fills my time. I have been increasingly compelled to extend my helping role with my roots and faith in Jesus Christ. Driven by a growth mindset, I am extraordinarily excited to devote my skills and attributes to the role of Executive Director. 

Matt Stockan


April 2018 – Present

Hi I'm Matt...

I’m a skilled Finance and Administrative professional with a background in the building materials industry. Land Development, Management, Strategic Planning, Assurance, and Finance are some of my specialties. I graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor’s degree in Administration. I previously served on the board of the YMCA of Regina and as Vice President, Finance of the University of Regina Business Administration Student’s Society.

Nichole Williams


November 2018 – Present

Hi I'm Nichole...

I’m an administrative professional with 16 years of experience in the non-profit sector. I’ve spent the majority of that time as an Executive Assistant for SaskCulture Inc. I have dedicated my life to Jesus and strive to live in accordance with God’s word. I believe that as you live for God’s glory, you will begin to see more of God’s will for your life.  I was born and raised in Regina and have three children. 

Nadene Hagen


December 2019 – Present

Hi I'm Nadene...

I’m a successful business and leadership consultant, life coach, and author. I studied Geography and Geology (Hons) at the University of Regina and worked for nine years as a professional Exploration Geologist. I am currently a public speaker, parenting coach/private mentor, leadership consultant, author, and Sask. Mental Health advocate. I am a mother of four children and a passionate, effective leader who empowers others and makes a positive difference in the world by sharing God’s word and love with everyone I meet.

Tomoko Matsuyama


June 2021 – Present

Hi I'm Tomoko...

I’m an interface developer and have been in the technology industry for 16+ years. I graduated from the University of Regina with a bachelor’s degree in Science. I came to Canada almost 20 years ago to explore the world. I value a growth mindset and enjoy acquiring knowledge and experience in various fields. I am dedicated to raising my two children to be culturally well-rounded individuals. Each year we travel to Japan and they spend time attending both Japanese and Canadian public schools.

Anglea (Tyrer) Fraser

Faith & Finances Facilitator/Member-at-Large

June 2021 – Present

Hi I'm Angela...

I’m a Regina-based accountant and certified internal auditor and am passionate about practically living out my Christian faith by using my skills to improve public policy, risk management and business processes. My experience comes from service to the public at the provincial and municipal levels. I love to engage with others to encourage them to be their best self and to do their best work.

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