MayBell Developments is dedicated to developing communities of belonging that empower the vulnerable to discover the wholeness of life that Christ has offered.


Who we are

MayBell Developments is a registered Canadian charity in Regina that focuses on empowering those who are materially poor, with the tools that will unleash who God made them to be. We are dedicated to giving those we work with the dignity and respect they deserve while walking alongside them with a commitment to relational restoration.


What we do

Imagine what would happen if Regina was a city where we worked together to create an inclusive community, tangibly showing love to those struggling. MayBell Developments develops communities that capture the fullest meaning of community. We believe that relational restoration, and community in its truest sense, is what will end poverty in our city. 

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The MayBell effect


Empowering those in our communities as they move towards self-sufficient lifestyles through education, and mending relationships between themselves, others, and God. Discovering, on the way, the unique person that God created them to be.


We believe each person is worthy of dignity and has unique value. Commonly held misconceptions and stereotypes around people experiencing poverty limit society’s ability to end poverty in the long-term. YQR Stories began as a way to combat these stereotypes and to raise awareness of the value and dignity of every person.


Physical communities that are designed to be a place of belonging with uniqueness in every dwelling. Utilizing a beautifully built and harmonious tiny home village model that will bring value to its surrounding community.

Our Values

What we believe


We believe in the uniqueness of every individual; valuing each person’s God-given traits and talent; showing them compassion, respect, and dignity.


We believe God should not be insulted with small thinking. We are big faith risk takers working to advance His kingdom on earth.


We believe in always challenging the status quo; relying on God’s vision while pioneering new and innovative ways to help the marginalized.


We believe in each other; empowering, developing, and growing Godly leaders in the community through relational restoration who can use their voice to bring about a better tomorrow.


We believe every challenge should be approached with a determination to succeed. We unrelentingly pursue our goals while working towards sustainable results.

It started with a dream ...

The Maybell Developments story

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