He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?  Micah 6:8

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MayBell Developments started in 2015 with a vision of ending poverty through a ‘tiny-home’ community, constructed and occupied at low cost for those experiencing poverty or homelessness in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Local research led to two important observations: that relationship and community are key to addressing ending poverty, and that women and children are the demographic most frequently turned away from shelter due to capacity in our community. 

The Encouragement Program is the structure through which we offer supportive programming. It is currently offering our Faith & Finances program and will be the foundation of program delivery for Lilium Village. 

Our Advocacy Project came about in our journey of local research. It became evident that too often we look at poverty without truly looking at the individuals within the experience. Check out our #maybellstories

Our vision is a big undertaking for us. Our engagement with the Compassion Program allows us to contribute to evangelical ministry on an international level while we establish our mission here in our home community. 

Our Values

What we believe


We believe in each person’s individuality, valuing their God-given characteristics and talents, and treating them with compassion, respect, and dignity.


We believe God should not be insulted with small thinking. We are big-faith risk-takers advancing God’s kingdom on earth.


We believe in always challenging the status quo, relying on God’s vision while pioneering new and innovative ways to help the marginalized.


We believe in each other, empowering, developing, and growing Godly leaders in the community through relational restoration so that they can use their voice to bring about a better tomorrow.


We believe that every challenge should be approached with a determination to succeed. We relentlessly pursue our objectives while striving for long-term success.

Ending Poverty Long-term



We believe that each individual is deserving of dignity and has a distinct worth. Misconceptions and stereotypes about people living in poverty are widespread in society. This limits our long-term ability to end poverty. YQR Stories (#maybellstories) began as a means of combating these stereotypes and raising awareness of the worth and dignity of every individual.


We empower our community members as they move towards self-sufficient lifestyles.  We provide them with tools to grow skills, increase knowledge, and take action, mending relationships between themselves, others, and God.  On their journey, they discover the unique person that God created them to be.


Our physical communities are designed to be a place of belonging with uniqueness in every dwelling. We use a beautifully constructed and harmonious tiny home village model that adds value to its surrounding community.

It started with a dream ...

The Maybell story

Working to make that dream a reality...


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