MayBell Developments invests in each of the people we work with by providing education as an opportunity to walk alongside them. The Encouragement Program aims to end poverty in Regina, Saskatchewan through relational restoration, beginning with our volunteers and participants. It is the beating heart of our organization.

The Program

The Encouragement Program is used to engage the larger Regina community with members of the local poverty community. It allows a meaningful way for people to walk alongside those experiencing poverty and build them up using the power of relational restoration. Relational restoration is central to any long-term poverty alleviation effort. Our goal is to broker, through education, meaningful and nurturing relationships between members of Regina’s local church and members of the poverty community. These are people who are committed to mending the broken relationships that have caused poverty in their lives. We do this primarily through Faith and Finance communities.

What we do

Poverty is a result of broken relationships that do not work. Poverty is the absence of peace in all its meanings. To end poverty, we need to work to mend those broken relationships. Because of this, we work with a curriculum called Faith and Finances. Faith and Finances unites people from varied financial backgrounds and explores money management skills and biblical stewardship principles. Designed specifically for low-income adults, Faith & Finances addresses the challenges the materially poor face and helps them rediscover their God-given dignity. Because of its unique ability to connect people from different walks of life, it is a central part of our Encouragement Program.

The Solution

Relational restoration is at the forefront of MayBell’s mission. The focus of the Encouragement Program is the relationship our volunteers (we call them allies) have with our participants (let’s call them leaders). When trust is built, allies can support the leaders and help them work through their specific challenges; investing personally to help them discover and unleash their God-given traits and talent. Our goal is to develop leaders in the poverty community who can use their voices to bring about a better tomorrow.

What's next?

We seek to pair volunteers (allies) who share our 5 core values with hurting individuals (leaders) to create highly nurturing, healing relationships. Please consider if you would like to help us in our upcoming courses whether by volunteering as an ally or by providing a meal. Use the contact form below to let us know!

What is happening now?

 – We are preparing for our fall 2022 classes.  Our first session will be on September 21st, 2022 from 6-7:30 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Classes run every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks.  If you would like to participate in this course email scott.aspinall@maybelldevelopments.com. 

Join Us

Do you want to invest personally in a meaningful relationship that will move you and others towards who we were created to be? Then send us a note or join us at our next volunteer information session.