Written by MayBell Developments – April 16th, 2021

The Bible puts a great deal of emphasis on both the names given by family and the sacramental names given by God to His people.  


Sacramental Names

We can look to the Biblical writings about Abram, exalted father, and Sarai, princess, to see that names are chosen with deep intimacy and an abundance of prayer over the one being named.  Abram and Sarai’s family-given names told of their future as leaders of Israel even before their sacramental naming.  As God gave His blessing to Abram He declared Abraham and Sarah to be ‘father of a multitude’ and ‘my (God’s) princess’.  

God knows the power of a name.  He knows that a name tells others who you are; your personality, your characteristics, and even what He has called you to. 

“God knows the power of a name.”

Names of God

The Bible’s authors recognized this as they recorded God’s many names for Himself throughout the Bible.  

In her book, Lord I Want to Know You, Kay Arthur describes the many names used for God and their meaning.  Elohim, Deuteronomy 10:17, is a plural Hebrew name meaning the triune God as Creator. El Elyon, Genesis 14:20, a Hebrew name meaning God as sovereign overall. El Roi, Genesis 16, a Hebrew name meaning the God who sees.  Arthur lists many more names for God and their meanings including all-sufficient One, Lord, Master, absolute ruler, self-existent One, etc.  

In these names, we can see God’s traits and being to know Him on a deeper, more intimate level.  


Name of MayBell

By now you are no doubt wondering what the history of Biblical naming has to do with MayBell.  MayBell’s co-founders, Scott and Victoria Aspinall believe that names can be powerful in their meaning.  The names of their three daughters were each chosen prayerfully with meanings to suit who they would grow to be.  

MayBell came to existence and went several months without being named.  Until one day Scott was in a prayer meeting at his construction worksite.  During the meeting a member of the cleaning staff spoke of a vision of change for the future, she saw strength from within the community and an image of lilies of the valley.  

This vision impacted Scott as Victoria had recently told him of her vision of a tiny home community within Regina that served the vulnerable in a way we have never seen in our city.  

Lily of the Valley, also known as MayBells, are a hardy flower that can thrive anywhere.  They make their home in the low places and persevere through trials.  They are white and pure though they humbly bow their faces to hide amongst their tall green stalks. 

“Our city’s most vulnerable are Lilies of the Valley.  They are humble and pure.  They will persevere and thrive through life’s many challenges.”

Such are those whom we serve and lift up.  

Our city’s most vulnerable are Lilies of the Valley.  They are humble and pure.  They will persevere and thrive through life’s many challenges.  

We are all children of God, longing for relationship with one another and with God. 

Our city, covered in a carpet of heavenly scented MayBells. 

Persevering and thriving.  



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