Written by MayBell Developments – May 14th, 2021

It was the fall of 2020 when MayBell Developments and Trinity Lutheran Church were introduced by a mutual friend.  He noticed MayBell needed a space to call home and Trinity needed a new source of income. Our friend knew both organizations and knew we would work well together.  

He was right, though I’m not sure he knew just HOW good this match was at the time.  


Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Trinity is a Lutheran Church situated near downtown Regina that began its existence in 1905 after an influx of German immigration. They thrived into the 1980s when it built an addition to house their growing congregation.  However, like many congregations within Regina and across the country right now their attendance has suffered. 

A decline in congregation members meant a decline in income and also a fair amount of unused building space.  The much-needed 1980s addition now sits largely unused.  

Our mutual friend was aware of MayBell’s design plan and noticed our community-building design had many similarities with Trinity’s 1980s addition.   


MayBell Developments

MayBell was planning a community building that would be used as a childcare centre and office space during the day, and for programming during the evenings. We needed a large space, multiple washrooms, a kitchen, and a handful of small rooms for offices.  Coincidentally Trinity’s addition had all these features and would only require some mid-scale renovations to retro-fit and meet our exact needs.

MayBell was also planning some residential units to house the community members being empowered through the Encouragement Program.  We had originally planned for a large lot and approximately 8 tiny home duplexes (16 units).  Trinity’s property includes a large parking lot though not large enough for 16 units it does provide plenty of space for 4 duplexes (8 units), a playground for the childcare centre, and some green space to teach gardening skills. 

Looking at the structural features this was a perfect match.



Leadership on both sides met several times for tours and to discuss possibilities. Over time we began to learn more about one another.  Trinity runs the TLC Pantry out of their kitchen which serves individual lunch bags to 500 people every week. It was clear to us that Trinity values COMMUNITY.  They are actively serving the community around them and loving their neighbour in a way that is very attractive to MayBell.  Our mutual commitment to serving, loving, and growing our community in Jesus sealed the deal and made it clear that this match truly is God’s plan!



Several months of legal proceedings followed to set up a lease agreement that put into words the mutually beneficial plan both sides desired to see. Then on April 18th, 2021, MayBell and Trinity met to sign the Commercial Lease Agreement that would allow MayBell to lease the 1980s addition as well as lease and develop the parking lot.  As one Trinity council member stated, this is a “match made in heaven”.

MayBell moved in on May 1st with a small parking lot gathering to toast our new beginnings together and we could not be more excited to see where God takes us in this partnership!  

trinity partnership project


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