We are committed to supporting the whole person.  Our focus is first to establish a secure home.  From this point we work with individuals to build strong, healthy relationships; increase education; create employment opportunities; and, ultimately, strengthen each person to become self-sufficient.

Each and every person is uniquely made with God-given traits and talents and is worthy of compassion, respect, and dignity. Every person we work with will be empowered to grow into leaders in their community who can use their voices to bring about a better tomorrow. 

We believe that loving and supporting your neighbour is a community effort and that everyone has a role to play.


We share the stories and journeys of those who have or are experiencing poverty or homelessness to help everyone to become more compassionate and loving of their neighbour.  It’s important to realize that, despite our socio-economic status, we are all people deserving of love.  Through #maybellstories, we combat negative stereotypes which run counter to our organization’s value in the dignity of every individual.

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Our Encouragement Program brings together people from all walks of life. Leaders – people who are experiencing poverty and/or homelessness – and allies –  Jesus followers committed to loving others well –  work together across socio-economic lines to build healthy relationships and empower one another. We run a Biblically-based finance course called Faith & Finances. In years to come, we will add other free skills courses including soft job skills, cooking, and good tenancy.

Lilium Village, located at 1909 Ottawa Street, will provide 6 tiny home duplexes (12 units).  Each unit will have 3-bedrooms, 1-bathroom, a full kitchen, and laundry in a 480 sq ft main level and 240 sq ft loft creating a unique, beautiful, and dignified design.  Applications for these units will be available to single mothers, and their children, who are considered low-income.  Residents will participate in our Encouragement Program and work to become relationally and financially self-sufficient.  These units are long-term transitional (2-5 years) and rented at 30% of each household’s income. 


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Planning has begun to renovate the Southern building addition to house a 50-space childcare centre, including 9 infant spaces. This project is contingent on receiving start-up and subsidy funding from the Ministry of Education. Currently, there are no childcare centres located in the Heritage Community. We are excited to provide this service for all of our community members.  Website coming soon.

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