Concepts and plans donated by

concepts and plans by Robinson Residential
From bare parking lot to

Beautifully Designed Village

project site concepts
discretionary use
6 duplexes will house

12 families

Each unit will house a single mother and her children for 2-5 years as they work to become relationally and financially self-sufficient. Our circle of support provides a nurturing environment while they take part in relationship-based, life skill and educational courses.

Unique exteriors provide a

Pride of Ownership

Our Lilium Village concepts are designed to give a sense of pride to our community and our tenants. Each unit has unique exterior finishes which adds value to the Heritage Community.  Our tenants attend tenancy training courses which teach how to properly maintain a home.

Character homes to match the existing

Heritage Community

front concepts
Two childcare parks and

Abundant Green space

exterior concept
A simple and elegant

Floor plan

Every compact unit will have 3-bedrooms, 1-bathroom, a full kitchen, and laundry in a 480 sq ft main level and 240 sq ft upper level creating a unique, beautiful, and dignified design. Our units are considered social housing meaning our residents pay rent of 30% of their household income.  When their rent amount reaches market value they will begin to transition into a new living space with the help of their supportive allies.

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